Practiceopedia: The Big Practice Help Book

Showing students how to work

A gateway to a wider world of practice possibilities—it’s all about teaching your students how to work smarter, so they get full value from every second they spend.

Coffee table quality

Production values for this book have deliberately been set very high, with full color throughout on enyclopedia quality semi-gloss paper .

Find help fast

Troubleshooting index allows students to look up common practice problems—say “learning new pieces” or “preparing for performance”—and then recommends all the entries that will help.

For all instruments

Practiceopedia has been carefully put together to showcase practice ideas that are applicable to any instrument.

376 pages of information

Making this the biggest book on practicing ever written.

Fully illustrated

Over 350 color illlustrations help keep the content engaging and reinforce key points.

Browsable & reader friendly

Clear subheadings, use of bolded text for quick-scanning, pull quotes and sidebars make this a book you can dive into at any page. There’s over 100,000 words of information in Practiceopedia, but the content is in a breezy magazine style that students will want to read.

Creating practice experts

Practiceopedia ensures that parents who supervise practice sessions will never run out of ideas, and are able to get their kids lesson-ready in a fraction of the time, and with minimum fuss.

Wait for previews below to load (all this is just 8% of what’s in the book!)

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