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DynamicStudioCover3dRethink Everything

What if you had the chance to hit “reset” on how your studio currently operates, and start over?

With complete freedom to reinvent every aspect of your teaching, from goal-setting to repertoire and resourcing, scheduling to curriculum and concerts, what might your new job look like? How much of what you currently do would you actually keep?

The Dynamic Studio is a grand tour of possibilities; a 280 page explosion of ideas for teachers who feel that there has to be more to their job than what currently fills their days.

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Engaging today’s students

We can’t hope to keep today’s students engaged by replicating the lessons we grew up with—it’s all too gradual, too structured, too slow for students used to moving at the speed of Google.
The Dynamic Studio identifies 93(!) assumptions and common practices in traditional music teaching that just don’t make sense for today’s students, and what we could be doing instead.

Like a kid with a lego box…

…is how teachers should feel about their studio, rather than a hamster on a wheel . You don’t have to dutifully stick to what you’ve been doing all this time: you can knock down, build, extend, reduce, tweak or radically redesign any part of your job. The Dynamic Studio is almost 300 pages packed with “such as?” to get you started.[/av_textblock] [/av_one_half]

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Assume nothing

From scheduling to repertoire, lesson structures to goal-setting, motivation systems to practice expectations, resourcing to just who it is that you work with in the first place… The Dynamic Studio challenges teachers to question everything they’re used to, so that their job is constantly being redesigned , not simply inherited from one year to the next.

You get to make the rules.

You’re CEO of your teaching studio, which means you can authorize change…what might your studio become if you felt anything was possible? The Dynamic Studio makes the case that anything is possible, and is a grand tour of what teaching could be, if it didn’t have to be the way it is.[/av_textblock] [/av_one_half]

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Available now at Amazon.com

In both paperback and Kindle editions

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Turn scales into Achievements

Scales Bootcamp[/av_textblock] [/av_one_third][av_one_third] [av_textblock ] Philip is best known for explosions of ideas—you won’t believe what his debut novel is about.

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