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Bite-sized rhythm reading quests

Perfect for homework assignments, and getting lessons off to a tick-filled start—over 2000(!) mini quests to complete, across 32 increasingly difficult levels.

Rhythm reading confidence for beginners

Confidence to sight read most rhythms immediately, to figure out the rest, and to deliver what they read with Swiss watch precision.

So much more than tap & count

The Bootcamp series is famous for its challenging and creative quests. It’s relentlessly thorough coverage, by stealth.

Don’t just practice. Level up.

Packed with Achievements and promotions to earn, Rhythm Bootcamp has been designed to be every bit as addictive as its celebrated Scales Bootcamp sibling.

Brain crunching Twists

Palindromes, insane accents, dynamic mayhem, changing tempos…you don’t really know a rhythm until you can survive its Twists, a special collection of extra-hard challenges at the back of the book.

Tackle quests in any order

Each Level challenges students with 56 quests, which the students can complete in any order they like. It’s relentlessly thorough, but the student is always in charge of What’s Next.

From the author of Scales Bootcamp

The first of its kind, and one of the world’s best selling scales manuals for piano, packed with quests to complete and Achievements to earn.

Listen online

To help students work through the quests, every rhythm in the book is available as free streaming audio.

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Packed with over 2,000 rhythm reading Achievements to earn, across 32 themed levels of difficulty.



Complete Quests in any order, track your progress as you Level Up.


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From Philip Johnston, author of Scales Bootcamp and PracticeopediaFrontCovers



More books by Philip Johnston

Get the huge student practice idea book


Philip is best known for explosions of ideas—you won’t believe what his debut novel is about.


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